Betty painted the front and back cover art for her books.

  • Spirit of the Red Candle: Journal of Mary Magdalene in oil
  • Cameo: Story of Ruth in oil
  • The King's Choice based on Song of Solomon in oil
  • Within the Veil in watercolor
  • In His Presence in watercolor





Courageous Women in Perilous Times

Spirit of the Red Candle:

Journal of Mary Magdalene


A young Jewish girl, plagued by seven demons, walks with the heart of a harlot, but isn't a harlot at heart.  She yearns to be forgiven and free.  Her journal chronicles her life in Magdala. Mary's life unfolds from bondage into belonging. Every woman who knows pain of the soul will find herself in this beautiful love story.

Betty J. Slade

Author, Columnist, Artist

WCCWN Co-Founder

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Heart Bender Trilogy


Millie Montgomery, an art appraiser and head curator for the Brantwood Museum, and Rik Hansson, an undercover agent for the French INTERPOL, meet in Paris and join forces solving international art theft.


Three art crimes and three missions take them from France, Spain, Sweden, England and Afghanistan to Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Thrust into the tangled web of international art crime, Millie and Rik's relationshihp totters on the brink of unraveling.

Betty J. Slade, is an author of fiction and non-fiction, a newspaper columnist, and an artist in oils and watercolors. 

She is the author of Heart Bender Trilogy, and Spirit of the Red Candle

She writes about Sweet Al in Artist's Lane, a weekly column for the Pagosa Springs SUN, which is humorous and sometimes serious about small town living, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

She founded and is a contributor to A Matter of Faith weekly column for the SUN.

She is with the Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network and served as Vice President for 8 years.

She has published two Bible Study books: The King's Choice is based on the Old Testament book Song of Solomon and Cameo: The Study of Ruth, a thumbnail sketch of the history of Israel and its redeemer.

She has published two books of poetry, Within the Veil and In His Presence.