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On July 26, 2022, WCCWN lost a precious member of the group. Lin Harris.

Lin was a founding member of the group and will sorely be missed.

When I wrote my little poem, "A Mother's Kiss," change was the last thing I wanted in my life. I had just become a mother for the first time and was enjoying every moment of my new adventure.  A Mother's Kiss was the inspiration for this book, Glow in the Dark and is based on the true story of one of our sweet nighttime rituals. There is a scripture on the back of my book from

Isaiah 66:13 - "As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you."  In the midst of uncertainty and change, that's what we all need to remember - that God never changes and that He is always there. He alone will be our strength and he will never leave us.

Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network has published an anthology.  Looking at Life is an eclectic collection of stories written by Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network.  Experience their adventures and share in their trials and triumphs in this moving, encouraging, humorous and inspiring work.  Get your copy today.

Compiled by Gregg Heid, Twenty-Three Journeys to Christ is an anthology of a variety of writers from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds, ages and faith denominations sharing their testimonies. Each story is a personal journey that reflects what led the author to faith in God. The path is often rocky and every story an emotional reflection of how they found Jesus. Get your copy today.

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August 8 - Story from the Heart -Gregg Heid
Book Review - Hank Slikker, Neal Johnson

August 15 - Story from the Heart - Joyce Holdreid
Small Groups

August 22 - Story from the Heart - April Holthaus
Peggy Bodde -
Journey into Sacred Work

August 29 - Story from the Heart - Neil Johnson
Small Groups

September 5 - Labor Day, No Meeting

A Book of Remembrance is a collection of miracles to bring Hope to a world in crisis. Sometimes we experience God's awe-inspiring moments in the midst of the heartbreakingly ordinary, and other times, we’re on the mountain when it moves. Both lead to change in people’s lives and often their concept of God Himself. #1 bestselling authors, Max Davis, Sylvia McDaniel, and Dave Slade join other well-known, interdenominational writers across the country to tell 36 true stories of God’s marvelous works. Compiled by Lynn Moffett, each chapter reveals the Lord as alive and active, answering prayer, and changing circumstances. Nothing is impossible with our great God.


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