How to Write Dialogue That Captivates Your Reader by Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins outlines 6 Tips to Writing Effective Dialogue

  • Cut to the Bone
  • Reveal Backstory
  • Reveal Character
  • Be Subtle
  • Read Your Dialogue Out Loud
  • Create a "Make My Day" Moment
How to Use Dialogue Tags to Identify Speakers
How to Punctuate Dialogue

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Writing Tips

249 Powerful Verbs That Will Spice Up Your Writing by Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins outlines

  • How to Know Which Verbs Need Replacing
  • 249 Verb list to read, save, or print
  • 3 Types of Verbs to Beware of in Your Prose
  • Verbs that rely on adverbs
  • Verbs with -ing suffixes
  • The Powerful Verbs List