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What’s Happening in April?

So much! So exciting! And so writerly! What else could we expect from a group of active writers.

The Spring season 2021 is chucked full of great speakers and teachers. Because of ZOOM, we have the ability to meet and hear from some of the best writers and speakers around the country. Also, our membership continues to grow and God’s Spirit is very strong among our members.

We are closing out March with a teaching session by Kathy Koy. As Christian writers, it is our calling to make a difference through our writing. There are so many words spoken today, but they go nowhere.

I am always reminded of Samuel. The scripture says not one word Samuel spoke to the people fell to the ground. Our words should be that precious to our readers. They should recognize our words as from God.

By the Spirit, our work will have the teeth to grip someone’s heart and change their lives. Only by the Spirit, we will have Godly wisdom to change a person’s thinking.

The biggest release for Spring will be an Anthology, a Book of Remembrance, 37 Miracle Stories by 23 authors. Deadline for completion is April 15th, and then on to be published. This will be the third anthology written and published by the WCCWN group.

On April 10th, we will have ZOOM Saturday. Royce King has joined our group. With her expertize for marketing, she will conducted a three-hour session on how to market our book. Writers’ Workshop Marketing – Royce Kings, Marketing and Startup Coach from 9:00-12:00 MST.  https://roycekingauthor.com/

On April 12th, two days later, Karen will bring a teaching on non-fiction, how to write devotions and articles for newspaper and magazines.

Karen Whiting is an award-winning author of nineteen published books and hundreds of articles and devotions for more than sixty publications. A guest on dozens of radio shows and numerous TV shows, she also produced and hosted the Puppets on Parade TV series.  https://karenwhiting.com/

On April 26th, a return-visit, Dorothy Featherling will close out April’s schedule. She will teach on “Hooking your readers and reeling them in.” How to write strong hooks, first sentence and paragraphs.

D. A. (Dorothy) Featherling is an award-winning, multi-published author with thirty books in print. She has published adult mysteries, romantic comedies, end times fiction and a romance.  http://dafeatherling.com/DAFeatherling/Home.html

It will be a great line-up for April.

What's Happening - April 2021

Betty Slade, Vice President and Co-founder

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