Would we be the same without beauty? by Joyce Holdread

    God did not have to make the world beautiful.

    But, He did. This was neither optional nor superfluous.

    Beauty has both guiding purpose and subtle power.

    Flowers, with their color and tangle, pushed creation forward.

    Their seeds — capsules of embryonic life — rode the gusts, clung to hides, dropped far and wide — propped roots in varied soil, to burst forth fruit.

    In a geologic moment, flower power conquered the world, produced source of compact energy for early man and beast, swayed the course of swelling force of life.

    Beauty holds subtle nurture; when absent — a yearning void, as a bird with broken wing.

    If we rise one spring morning, but there is no backdrop of birdsong, audible cushion for work or wander, no quivering green of grass or leaf, no allure of azure arc above, no sunset blush layers the face of dusk, no floor of shingled sand lines a turquoise shore — would we be the same?

    Beauty also glides from human hands, overkill or great expense unneeded.

    Warm candle flickers in shadowed corner, Edvard Grieg’s “Morning” shimmers the air as we prepare breakfast, dash of field flowers flashes from simple vase on bookshelf, taste of honey — never stale — impales the tongue, saliva runs, aroma of pumpkin spice latte as we sit and sip while autumn splays outside.

    If we don’t grow up with beauty, it cramps our hearts, stunts our souls, dwarfs our spirits.

    Can we find our way through the world’s scrambled fray without the scaffold of beauty?


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