Building Legos with God by Mike Davis

    My oldest grandson, Braxton, loved to build Legos when he was young. I bought him a small set with a few pieces when he was two years old. He would look at the pictures and built it. Larger sets with dozens of pieces came sooner than expected.

    Mistakes were made as the designs became more difficult. Many had to be taken apart and started over. I tried to help him get it right the first time, but he preferred to do it by himself.

    Frustration mounted until he gave up and asked for my help. However, I refused to fix it for him. I helped him take the pieces apart and we started over. We developed a process. I would look ahead to the next picture, sort and collect the pieces for the next step. Braxton liked to assemble the pieces. I liked to organize them. We made a good team. He assembled and if I noticed a mistake I pointed it out. We never had to take one apart and start over again. Hours were spent together building bigger and more complex Legos. Some over a thousand pieces.

    We would step back, when the project was finished, put our arms around each other, and gaze upon our masterpiece. The expression on Braxton’s face was priceless. He beamed with pride and would proclaim, “It’s finished.” I would tell him “Well done.” He did it, with a little help from his Papa.

    I now have six more grandkids. Not all of them build Legos but I want a similar relationship with each one. It is my responsibility to encourage them in their gifts and talents. Build a relationship through their interests. It is up to them to ask for help. My imperfection means I will be stretched and our relationships strengthened as they grow. My desire is they will always know the door is open, all they have to do is walk through it and ask.

    At times our life may seem like it has been shattered into pieces. Do we attempt to put it back together on our own or do we spread out the broken pieces in front of God and ask Him to fix us? God does not want to do the work alone. He will help bring order to the chaos. He helps us reassemble our broken lives one piece at a time. Not our way, but His way. We follow His instructions. We enjoy our time together.

    Why wait till things are broken? Why not make Him a part of our lives each day and perhaps avoid the do-overs? Wouldn’t it be nice to look back on our day and beam with pride and say “It’s finished,” and hear God say, “Well done?” This is the relationship God wants with us.

    The relationship we have with God is up to us. He has shown us the door through Jesus. It’s up to us to walk through it and ask for help. Or, we can continue to live a stubborn life and make the same mistakes. Will we construct our lives only to have them torn apart and rebuilt? Or choose Christ and with His help, get it right the first time?

    “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Luke 11:9 (KJV)

    “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30 (KJV)

    Mike Davis
    Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network Member
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