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    What's Happening - September 2020 by Jan Davis

    Wow, the month of August flew by. With the rise in temperature, we transitioned inside where the air condition encouraged us to develop our writing skills and read.

    As we once again gathered face-to-face, we addressed the challenges necessary to incorporate our ZOOM members into the classroom. There are still a few glitches to work out, but those on ZOOM are thankful to participate and connect with Christian writers for encouragement and creative ideas.

    Gregg Heid provided an opportunity for members to connect on a more intimate level while social distancing. He handed out a list of 13 questions to discuss in our break-away sessions. The questions were thoughtful and eye opening as we discovered though unique on various levels, we are unified in our faith and determination to write. The common thread... our love for writing, family, friends and Christ.

    The takeaway from our group discussion, led by Betty Slade... be aware of outside voices of persuasion and train our ears to listen for God's voice and His direction.

    Rumors are this may become a quarterly session with various venues provided to develop a closer relationship within our writers group.

    We took a break in August from the normal sessions and Michael Marx taught "Basic Suicide Awareness." A better understanding of suicide, the statistics and aftermath of such a drastic action on the lives of family and friends is so relevant today as society remains quarantined and isolated. With the disruption of everyday routines, people attempt to navigate through new challenges and become disillusioned, discouraged and depressed. As Christians, we were challenged to be sensitive to the needs of others in this season of change.

    In a Shared from the Heart session, Pam Hayes shared about an individual in our group who committed suicide in the last year. This brought the teaching full circle as we grieved together the tragic death of a friend.

    Derinda Babcock and Jessica Tanner led a workshop on "Head Hopping and POV." The class interacted through writing exercises. A lot can be learned from our mistakes.

    Derinda will join us again in September for a workshop on marketing, book covers and more. You will not want to miss this educational opportunity.

    The SUN continues to provide outlets for our writers. Readers enjoy the antics of Sweet Al, family vacations and a dog named Whiskey through the writings of Betty Slade in the Artist Lane.

    Jesse Wenzel found his voice and audience through Letters to the Editor articles. Words of wisdom and insight in the realities of today's political agenda.

    The Matter of Faith writers shared short devotions and prayers from the heart. These stories revealed God's goodness and faithfulness in a time of unrest and chaos.

    The Writer's Circle is a new venue the SUN offers. We all have a story to tell and God as our co-author provides us with the words. If you have a story and don't know where it fits, this column may be the perfect outlet for you.

    Lynn Moffett's new book, "Let Your Light So Shine," promises to be as intense and insightful as her previous six books in the Incursion Series. Be sure and check it out and help support one of our own.

    Don't forget to purchase Jesse Wenzel's book, "The Magic Bus to Nowhere," Buckle up for a ride down memory lane as he shares his own personal journey and insight. This book is packed with information on the manipulation of drugs and false religions.

    Two books which highlight the combined efforts of several WCCWN writers are also available for purchase, "Looking at Life" and "Twenty-Three Journeys to Christ". Reach out to Gregg Heid if you have any questions on how to purchase.

    Also, if you haven't purchased your copy of "All the Light We Cannot See", it's not too late. This should be an interesting discussion led by Neal Johnson and Hank Slikker for our Book Club in September.  Reading the works of other writers is an excellent way to hone our skills.

    When I look back over the month of August and see how God maneuvered WCCWN through a pandemic, riots and protests on our streets, I stand in awe. He has brought us closer together as a group and we are united in one cause... share Jesus through the written word.

    I am reminded of the scripture, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

    In this one scripture we see the fullness of spiritual warfare. Satan is the origin of fear. The Holy Spirit is represented in Power. Christ is personified in Love. And God is revealed through a Sound Mind. Three against One. The Battle is the Lord's and the victory was bought and paid for through Christ's shed blood on the cross. We have nothing to fear as we place our trust and confidence in the Lord.

    I close with this challenge, Be Bold and Write.

    I love you... BUT... Jesus loves you more.





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