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    From Grandma to grandchild by Diane Cooney

    Unique in every human way

    I saw your life revealed today

    A tiny form of God's design

    So precious and priceless... a little bit mine.

    Our hopes are very high for you

    But there's one thing we cannot do,

    We dedicate your life to God.

    But you must choose the path you'll trod.

    Alone you must confess your sin.

    Unlock the door, invite God in.

    Then he will dwell within your heart,

    Guide and direct you from the start.

    He'll walk with you and be your friend

    And life for you will never end.

    I love you, it is plain to see,

    Now and throughout eternity.

    God bless you my darling.

    All my love,


    Written for a first grandchild in case Grandma isn't around to see him grown.


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