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    Baron and the New Beginning by Peggy Bodde

    Baron was staring out the car window and didn't even realize he was biting his fingernails.

    Baron didn't move except to push his hair to the side, so it wasn't hanging in his eyes. He stared at all the new faces and the tall gray building and sighed...

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    Peggy Bodde is a full-time writer who specializes in creating content for English and social studies textbooks. She also works as a copywriter for various marketing firms and microblogs on social media abou the messiness of faith. Married to the love of her lfie, she lives in beautiful Colorado where she and her husband can be found fly fishing on big rivers and tromping around the mountains. Her earnest prayer is that God would grace her words with His presence. Please visit Peggy at https://www.instagram.com/peggybodde/ or https://twitter.com/peggybodde.


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