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Though a self-described terrible writer in college, Jesse sees the sky as the limit in his current writing pursuits. He has written Under the Magic Bus: Mysticism Unveiled. Safely maneuvering through youthful indiscretions, Jesse became a teacher and a carpenter. Grounded by the love of his wife and two daughters, this old hippie has many stories yet to tell.


Jesse's short story, Don't Do It, was included in Looking at Life anthology.

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Charles Jesse Wenzel

Decades before Oprah and PBS brought New Age spirituality into our living rooms, author Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters drove Eastern Mysticism onto main street in their psychedelic Magic Bus. A new way of looking at reality, their carnival ride cross-country celebrated life without restraints. This '60s party bus wasn't a one-night stand without repercussions, but a pregnant idea which would grow to undermine the theistic pillars of Western society.This book is not another compare/contrast of conflicting worldviews, but a thorough nuts-and-bolts look under the hood of the Bus to bring daylight to the East's occluded, esoteric claims.

Looking at Life is an electic collection of stories written by a diverse group of Christian writers from all over the country who now live in Southern Colorado. Experience their adventures and share in their trials and triumphs in this moving, encouraging, humorous and inspiring work.