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The way we look at life determines the way we live our lives. Many people think Christians see life through rose-tinted glasses and, like Pippa, believe God is in His heaven and all is well in the world. The stories in the Looking at Life anthology prove otherwise.

Here is a look at life as it is and not as we might wish it to be. We see our Creator God, not as a remote, far-off deity, but as a Savior who, when invited, gently guides our lives along the right paths.

Is God with us when we feel the sharp pain of loneliness? Does He care when those we expect to help us with our faith journey leave us feeling disappointed and abandoned? Did God make a mistake when He created us and put us in intolerable circumstances?

Many sermons leave us cold when they offer solutions to other peoples' problems rather than addressing our own circumstances,. Our years-long prayers seem to go unheard when the answers we long for never arrive.

Help is here, in the stories, poems, and meditations of Looking at Life. Their raw and personal honesty might shock some readers. This honest view of life brings us to a God who "stoops to conquer." He comes into dismal and unpromising circumstances, takes us by the hand, and leads us forward.

That's life!

Richard Gammill
Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network, President


Looking at Life