Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network


Members and Spouses

Mondays — 9:00-11:00 a.m.


From left to right.

Mike Davis, Gregg Heid, Diane Cooney, Jessica Tanner, Jesse Wenzel, Hank Slikker, Patti Hanses, Elaine Reeves, Betty Slade, Jackie Henderson, Jan Davis. 

Attendees: (from left to right)

Patti Hanses, Elaine Reeves, Diane Cooney, Richard Gammill, Lin Harris, Jerry Harris, April Holthaus, Jan Davis, Mike Davis, Betty Slade, Judith Clarke


Members not shown:

Gregg Heid (taking picture) Don Fahrenkrug, Carmen Ferguson, Dan Kubelka, Marcy Mitchell, Jessica Tanner, Jesse Wenzel, Hank Slikker, Jackie Henderson, Payton Burnett

Wolf Pack Saturday at the Harris P—R West Ranch

Members Party at the Davis Home

Members: (from left to right)


Back Row: Jesse Wenzel, Gregg Heid, Hank Slikker, Richard Gammill, Neal Johnson, Payton Burnett


Middle Row: Kanaka Perea, Diane Cooney, Betty Slade, Lynn Moffett


Front Row: Jessica Tanner, Theresa Lussi, Elaine Reeves, Joyce Holdread, Jan Davis, Jackie Henderson, Mike Davis


Members not shown:

Judith Clarke, Lin Harris, April Holthaus, Carolyn Johnson, Dan Kubelka, Kristi Ross, Pam Hayes, Kathy Zilhaver, Jeff Smith

Members not shown: Judith Clarke Don Fahrenkrug, Carmen Ferguson, Lin Harris, April Holthaus, Rich Gammill, Dan Kubelka, Marcy Mitchell