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    When Fear Creeps In by Diane Cooney

    Seven-month old Taylor nestled in her young mother's arms as they slipped and into the shallow end of the pool. It was an unintentional entry and both found themselves suddenly covered with the cool liquid. No time for a gradual adjustment, which was the original plan. Christina sank up to her neck, but we able to hold Taylor high enough so her face did not go under water. Taylor's face showed little concern since she was comfortable in Christina's arms.

    This was Taylor's first swimming lesson and she handled the whole adventure like a pro. She splashed, kicked and smiled as mom moved her through the ripples. When the time came to go all the way under, she expressed a little concern, made a "funny" face as she popped up, but did not cry.

    The second time Christina dipped her below the surface, she displayed a trifle more shocked look, but didn't make a fuss then either.

    The remainder of the lesson was spent kicking, splashing and being propelled around the pool in a comfortable position. She was not afraid of the water and, of course, we don't want her to be fearful. It was a positive experience all around and that's what god wants for all of us.

    When we find ourselves in situatoins where fear creeps in, we need to rely on God's loving care, just as Taylor trusted her mama to protect her from any harm.

    "I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears." - Psalm 34:4

    "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind." - 2 Timothy 1:7

    Father God, help us all remember to trust and call on You in every circumstance, fearful or otherwise. Amen.


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