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~ Finding God’s purpose for my life. This is the best study I've ever done on ministry offices and gifts...and I've done quite a few! Through this very balanced and Scripture-filled study I have found my place in the Body with such clarity, releasing me to freely serve God from the place He created for me! If I had to rate this study with all others I have done, this one is THE MOST HELPFUL! — L.C.

An Honorable Anger

~ This third book in the trilogy was both intriguing and heartwarming. I so love a book that holds both my attention and my heart! I want more!!! — G.S.N.

~ Best of the trilogy! Wonderful book! The best of the trilogy. Besides being a heart-gripping story, it tells of healing available for every hurt. Well done, Ms. Moffett, well done! — D.B.

Dark Secret, Silent Promise

~ Wow! What an incredible story! Well written and emotional. A bite of history not usually discussed. Read it!! It will open your mind and heart. — P.L.

~ Strike two! Another wonderful, intriguing book by author Lynn Moffett! Having read the first in the trilogy, "Blood, Flesh and Flame," I was delighted to know this second was available and bought it right away. Lynn Moffett has a way of describing places and events that pull me right in to the story. Her characters are raw and real! The heroism of Meghan Forrester is evident as she ventures out to save her sister and niece. Well, enough of that, you will need to buy the book for yourself and enjoy it as I did. Anxious for the third book in this trilogy and many more books from this wonderful author! — G.S.N.

Blood, Flesh and Flame

~ GREAT writing!!! Don't believe there was witchcraft in New England? How could these prim and proper Christians fall prey to the darkness? The truth is difficult to bear and the battle is ON! Very well written. Love the pace of this book. Theme of the story is compelling. I really don't want to give the story twists away, but the main characters are well developed and endearing. I find myself often wondering how they are doing, as if they are friends I haven't seen in a while. (I love when I connect with characters like this) Very interesting take on the possibilities of what happened in early New England. This is a REALLY good book and I would recommend it to everyone. I look forward to more books by this author. L.C.

~ Thrilled to know there are more coming from this author! After finishing this first book in the trilogy, I find myself thinking about what could happen next, I love it when an author takes a subject so controversial and puts substance to it. Lynn Moffett has done just that. She weaves a storyline in such a manner that I feel like I am there watching it all unfold. She has done something else for me. Because of her intensive research, she has increased my knowledge of our early American heritage, so...I learn while being entertained by a very intriguing story. Thank you, Lynn!G.S.N.

~ Spellbinding, pun intended. This is the first work I have read written by Lynn Moffett. I found it to be well paced with a story line that compelled me forward, often late into the night. —S.L.M.

~ I couldn’t put it down! Intriguing story, excellent writing! It started off capturing my attention and held it through to the end! Well done, Lynn Moffett! — D. B.

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Lynn Moffett's love of putting words together to paint pictures and fashion other worlds has resulted in books, short stories, non-fiction and poetry.

She is a contributor to the Matter of Faith column in the Pagosa Springs SUN.

She has been creating stories since her earliest years. Only after raising her children did she set forth to record any of them with pen and ink. Blood, Flesh and Flame, her first published work, was written with her 1st born grandson cuddled on her lap.

Living nestled at the foot of Wolf Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado, Lynn continues to produce compelling novels about intriguing subjects.

INCURSION and the WOODBRIDGE TRILOGY seen below are available at Amazon.com. She co authored a Bible Study, HATS: To Find Your Unique Purpose, with Andrea Downing,  available in Kindle format at Amazon and in print at Lulu.com.

Singing Springs is invaded by mercenary soldiers with orders to re-educate and/or detain dissenters to current government policy. Rose Trusty, a quiet older woman, becomes one of the three main voices of resistance, though she is among the imprisoned. Joshua Morgan, a deputy sheriff, escapes the first round up. As a member of the Watchmen, he battles to free the 600 friends and neighbors being held prisoner. Carmella Miles, a soldier with IAMS, sees the fallacy of the action and joins the townspeople in their struggle.

Singing Springs repels the invasion of military contractors intent on interning six hundred dissenters of current government policy. What happens in the aftermath?  This sequel to Incursion follows the legal struggles that result. What will the outcome be?


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~ Know your purpose. I read "Hats" years ago when it was first published in paper form. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon so that I could add it to my Kindle collection. If you are really interested in ferreting out God's purpose for your life, this is a must read! — D.B.

~ “Pleased” is not a strong enough word. I have seen the entire small group become excited about their place in the Body of Christ. The study has been engaging, challenging, and invigorating. I am so happy we have gone through this process. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to any church or small group. This unique study meets a need for our day. — M.T.

~ Lynn and Andrea have captured the heart-beat of biblical revelation concerning personal spiritual gifting. Their research is thorough and their desire to package ministry with worship is refreshing. One of the outstanding features of this book is the intentional blending of practical and spiritual. Both are needed in the church today. This book is proving to be a reliable resource for releasing people into their personal spiritual destiny. — D.W.

~ The things I learned in HATS have continued to bring much understanding in my daily walk. With the confirmation of my own Ministry Office and Spiritual Gifts I was released from comparing myself with others. — J.T.

Lynn Moffett signs INCURSION

for Betty Slade (right)

INCURSION—Book Signing

Higher Grounds Coffee Company

Pagosa Springs, Colorado


3:00 p.m.

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Lynn Moffett